How to Prepare for your Trip

So you have a long weekend coming up and you have been planning endlessly on which place to go and how to plan for your trip? This has been our case on most of the long weekends. After a lot of research, asking colleagues and friends who visited our chosen destination, we created our itinerary. Based on my own learning and experience, I have listed down the activities below, in sequence, to prepare for a trip.

  1. Select your destination: If it is a long weekend, most flights to most destinations are on the higher side. If you are budget constrained, look for destinations for which flight tickets are cheaper or look at land transport options. For flight bookings, I like using the site In From field, select the city you are flying from and in To field, enter ‘Anywhere’. Select the location of your choice from the search results and book your tickets. Doesn’t that sound great? Apart from the budget, you should also check the festival calendar of the places. Festivals provide a great photo opportunity.
  2. Book hotel: Book your accommodation either in a hotel or Airbnb based on your preference.
  3. Create an itinerary for the days: Follow the below steps to make a good itinerary:
    1. Make a list of all the places you want to visit.
    2. Look up the sight seeing places in the map or get hold of a tourist map from the airport or travel agency. Alternatively, you can also download it from the internet.
    3. Check the opening hours of the places you want to visit and buy entry tickets, if applicable.
    4. Start your day by visiting the sunrise spot. If it is hot, for obvious reasons visit places such as churches, museums, and malls, which offer shade. For the evening, if applicable, go to the sunset spot. In the night, go to places, which offer a great night life.
    5. Lastly, try to stick to the plan but if it doesn’t go as planned, which happens most often, just relax! Enjoy the vacation and soak in the sun.
  4. Pack your bag: Pack your bag with the essentials. If religious places are in your itinerary, make sure you dress as per the requirement of the place. Some temples in Asia do not allow shorts and sleeveless clothing. Do not forget to carry your passport, visa passes (if applicable), sunscreen, selfie stick (for those group photos or your own ;)), universal adaptor, photos for the visa, the local currency of the country you are visiting (if applicable). Google ‘packing list’ to make an inventory of your own. You can look up travel kits on Amazon.
  5. Book your taxi in advance, if required, for airport pick up!

Enjoy your vacation and let me know if I missed adding anything 🙂