My favorite places to eat in Singapore​

Singapore being a multicultural place, with people from all over Asia and even the USA and parts of Europe, provides ethnic cuisines, which caters to various palates.

I am not much of a foodie but if I like a place and have frequented it, it sure has captured my ‘stomach’ :).

Some of the most frequently visited restaurants by me and my friends were:


  • Islamic Restaurant: I had one of the best biryanis and naans here. It is frequented by many celebrities including A.R. Rahman. I think that is reason enough to go!
  • Mustard: Known for authentic Bengali and Punjabi food. Whenever I craved for good food, which was not heavy on the stomach, I would go there with my friends. Dal Makhani is to die for. Their Daab Chingri and Aam Panna are very famous.
  • Kailash Parbat: I loved the different types of Bhature (especially the green chili that comes with it!), pav bhaji and all kinds of chat. One of our favorite places to visit when it was raining, which was most of the times in Singapore :D.
  • The Curry Culture – Cuppage Street: If you are looking for authentic, tasty Indian food and a good ambience without burning a hole in your pocket, this place will not disappoint.
  • The MTR Singapore: Originally from India, the MTR is the only place you should go if you want to have authentic south Indian breakfast and Puliogare. It is light on your stomach and makes you feel happy once you are done eating.
  • Murugan Idli: Murugan Idli was one of our favorite places to eat South Indian breakfast. It is famous for its chutneys and Jigarthanda.


  • The Connoisseur Concerto: If you are a vegetarian, this is a must visit as they have good vegetarian options. I particularly loved their Shroom Bites and Aglio Olio.
  • Nakhon’s Kitchen: They have the best Thai food in Singapore I feel.  Their Tom Yum soup, breaded shrimps, and pandan leaves chicken is lip-smacking.
  • Thai Express: Their food is also very good and we went there regularly during our initial years in Singapore. Do try their coconut ice cream with red rubies. It is amazing!
  • Jim Thompson: This restaurant is very well known for its thai cuisine. Named after James Harrison Wilson Thompson, who was known for his hospitality, the restaurant strives to preserve the same culture and succeeds immeasurably. It is located in the picturisque location Dempsey Hill and its interiors are beautiful. You can’t help but be in awe. An absolute treat to dine here.


  • Keat Lim Vegetarian Food: As the name suggests, this is a purely vegetarian place and you can eat whatever you want – be it horse meat, duck, chicken, mutton, shrimp, etc. We usually had Yonzhou rice, a curry with vegetables (I don’t quite remember the name now but it is yellow curry with vegetables and mock fish) and any starter.
  • New Ubin Hillview Seafood restaurant: If you love seafood, this is the place to go! It does offer other dishes too, which are equally good. I had my first beef rice here and it was yum considering I have been almost vegetarian for the most part of my life.
  • Tim’s restaurant and cafe: My house owner worked as a chef here and I can totally vouch for their fried rice. It is one of the best!
  • Toast Box: Ever got hungry while traveling, you are covered! Toast Box is Singapore’s coffee chain loacted almost everywhere in the island country. Don’t miss their coffee and kaya toast. You should definitely buy the kaya spread for your family back home if you are visiting the country. They also serve laksa and rice. I absolutely loved this place for its toast and coffee.


  • Marche: Marche outlets transport you to a totally different world. You will feel that you have come to a farmers market and they are whipping up delicacies right from the farm. Loved their pizza and lemonade. I so wanted to try their potato delicacy but just missed it. Their desserts are also good.


  • Jack’s Place: This was close to our house and office and we often went here for lunch. I had my first lobster here and it was totally worth it.
  • Fatboy’s the burger bar: If you are craving for burger and have a specific one in mind, head to this place and get your customized burger. Vegetarians may not have a lot of options though.


  • Tiong Bahru Bakery: If you are like me who loves croissants and coffee, this place is a must visit. They have a huge variety of croissants and everything is just amazing! This bakery is close to China Town and very close to the bus stop. Sit outside the cafe to witness wonderful ambiance amidst the bougainvilleas.


  • Super Dario Lasagne Cafe: Located in City Square Mall, Little India, this place was an absolute surprise with the lip smacking dishes on offer. Loved the lasagne!


  • Cha Cha Cha: One of the oldest Mexican restaurants in Singapore (more than 20 years old), they serve authentic mexican cuisine in a home like environment.


  • Shiraz: Shiraz offers authentic Persian cuisine and live belly dancing which is a sight to behold! As a foreigner, it was the first thing that attracted us to Clarke Quay. Last I heard, it was shutting down but opening a new one. Check their website for the latest updates.

The luxury restaurants

  • The Holiday Inn: A 4-star restaurant located in Orchard, offers two types of buffet – Window on the Park and Tandoor. The latter is the Indian restaurant, which we visited. Established in 1985, it is the most awarded Indian restaurant in Singapore.
  • Shangri-La Hotel: We visited ‘The Line’ restaurant in Shangri La, which provides a la minute international array of dishes. Everything is so amazing especially the desserts. It is a tough choice between main course and desserts :D.
  • Fullerton Bay Hotel: One of the crown jewels of Singapore, this hotel was once the General Post Office of Singapore. It looks magnificent for a post office. Located at the Marina Bay side, it is a prime attraction and you just can’t marvel at its architecture. We went here for our manager’s farewell dinner and had buffet consisting of international cuisines. Amazing restaurant with amazing food.

Places I haven’t visited but is famous for its food

  • The Song of India: I did not get a chance to visit the place but it was definitely in my bucket list. A Michelin star restaurant, the restaurant always attracted me from the outside and I heard from my friends who visited that the food was amazing too.
  • Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle Stall: This hawker center won the Michelin Star award in 2016. When the news broke, there was a huge queue outside the stall to relish the delicacies. The chicken rice became the cheapest Michelin starred meal in the world. For complete list of hawker centers awarded with Michelin Star honour see FoodandWine.
  • The Cheese and Chocolate Bar: If you have a sweet tooth and love chocolate, you must not miss this place. I sure did miss it and regret it as I love chocolate. Located in the magnificent Marina Bay Sands, this place offers not only good food (more than 20 varieties of chocolate delicacies and 12 types of cheese) but also amazing bird’s eye view of Singapore’s sky line.

I am sure I have missed quite a many places. Please leave your comment by adding the name of the restaurant if I did :). You must definitely try their local cuisines such as chicken rice, chilly prawn, laksa, clay pot curries, etc.