If you love traveling…

This post may be relevant for someone who has just started traveling. Experienced travelers, please leave your comments for points I may have missed.

  • Invest in travel gear: Buy travel gear such as a trekking backpack, power bank, universal adaptor, sling bag to keep your passport and tickets, selfie stick, etc.
  • Learn driving: One of the best ways to explore a place is on foot or cycling as you can go to places where other big vehicles cannot. If you need to travel long distance, hire a two wheeler or a 4 wheeler. This will work out cheaper and you will have freedom to go where you want and return at your own time.
  • Research about places: Once you decide the destination of your travel, search for a tourist map on the internet and download it. Then make a customised itinerary based on the places you want to visit. Keep note of the operational hours of the place. Learn about the history of the place so as to appreciate the place when you visit.
  • Learn basic photography: Have decent photography skills so you can come back home with some good pictures to share on social media or with friends. Most places have a viewpoint. Go there any evening and see the sunset or sunrise. It is worth it. To see my pictures from my travels, checkout https://www.instagram.com/ataleofmillioncities/.
  • Learn about visas: Find out the type of visa required if you are traveling abroad. Typically, you can get your visa made before travel, or get an on-arrival visa.
  • Book your flight and accommodation in advance: Needless to say, it saves a lot of money and last minute stress.
  • Travel light: Don’t carry huge suitcases full of clothes. Carry fewer things so that you can travel light and avoid losing your valuables. You can always give your clothes to laundry and repeat your clothes.
  • Read travel books: They say travel is the best teacher. Books on the other hand takes you places. You learn about the history, culture and people even before you travel to a particular place. Well, it need not be a travel book always.
  • Explore your own country first: When you travel abroad or even within your own country, you will come across many foreigners who want to know the history of a place. If you are a local and clueless, you are doing a great diservice to the tourism of your country. So always be well equipped with your answers.
  • Find relatives and friends who stay in other destinations: If you have stayed in touch with them and have been good to them, they might accommodate you and also drive you around ;).
  • Stay healthy and fit: You can’t enjoy traveling to the fullest if you are unfit. I cant stress enough the importance of clean eating and strength training.
  • Follow local rules and regulations: Follow rules and regulations at all times and avoid getting into trouble with local authorities. The last thing you want is bad memories from your trip.
  • Travel responsibly: Make sure you don’t disturb the locals when you travel to a place by being too intrusive or clicking their pictures without permission. Most people agree and happily pose if you ask them. In recent times, we have seen many posts where tourists littered tourist places with plastic and rubbish. Don’t be that person! Avoid single use plastics and carry water from your hotel and refill wherever possible.
  • Have fun: Last, but not the least, have fun and don’t rush to cover all the places and end up getting tired :).