Shopping list for travelers

The Amazon Freedom sale is on and I thought I will put up a list of travel related products, which are on discount right now.

Disclaimer: I may not have used all these brands personally and this is only meant to only give you ideas on what to buy for your next travel. You can buy any brand of your choice.

  • Travel neck pillow: These pillows are great for your neck support when you are traveling in a flight, cramped buses or vans, etc. They are light weight and can be hung around your backpack.
  • Hanging digital scale: This digital scale is lightweight but can weight upto 50 kg of your luggage. Its very handy before you travel to check the weight of your luggage. You can also carry it during your travel to weight the addional items you have bought in the place of travel just before flying out.
  • Universal travel adaptor: A travel adaptor is a must if you are traveling to another country. Most countries have different plug points than your home country. You may have difficulty charging your phone if you dont have a travel adaptor.
  • Packing organizers: These are great for traveling, backpacking, camping, gym, beach etc for packing your belongings in an organized manner and preventing them from getting lost. This also makes security checks at the airport quick and convenient.
  • Rucksack: These are great for trekking and a must for your travel. I have personally used Wildcraft backpacks and rucksack and they are amazingly light weight and sturdy.
  • Travel journals: Specially designed for children aged 5-11 years, these are nice to have for your kid to document their travel experiences. I wish I had one when I was a kid!
  • Shoe bags: Just done with your trek and your soiled shoes need to be packed in your suitcase? These shoe bags are just right for such occasions. Yes, plastic covers are always available but let’s minimize the use of plastics for a better tomorrow.
  • Duffel bag: A must have for short travels of about 4-5 days, cabin luggage or to carry extra luggage you have after shopping.
  • Travel kit: These are light weight and you can throw them after your travel. I have personlly used Biotique products and they work well for me. These are organically pure and preservative free, dermatologist tested for safety, and no animal testing (as per product description).
  • World scratch map: This is such an amazing gift for travelers. Just keep scratching the places you have visited and feel happy about the places you have visited. I lost mine in a flight and would love it if someone gifted it to me :D.
  • Cosmetic Toiletry Organizer Bag: I have one and it is very compact and useful. Mine is not the same brand and was gifted to me.
  • Kindle: Kindle is a great travel companion if you are traveling solo and even otherwise. This is a great time to buy as you will get an additional 10% discount with an SBI card. I thought for the longest time and finally bought a Kindle and I am very happy to buy one.
  • Travel books: Most people like reading from a book than a Kindle. If it is you and you are a traveler, you must have already read some of the best books on travel or have been eyeing a book from a long time. This is the perfect time to grab the opportunity for yourself and your friends who you want to recommend or gift a book. Some books that are in my personal bucket list:
  • Waterproof pouch for phone: This is absolutely necessary when you go kayaking or jet skiing and want to use your phone to take pictures. Liquid damage is expensive to repair on a phone and buying this case is definitely way cheaper :D.
  • Selfie stick: Traveling solo and no one in sight to take your pictures? Well, the selfie stick comes to your rescue. It’s a no brainer right? Well, I bought mine last year from a street vendor near India Gate in New Delhi and it still works perfectly fine. But if you need a selfie stick which doubles up as a tripod, I think this is cool!
  • WD external hard drive: Personally recommending this one as I have been using one from years. You may want to buy two of them to keep one as a backup just in case you lost one or it got damaged.
  • Passport holder: Absolutely necessary for a traveler. You can keep your passport, cards, different currencies, coins and tickets all in one place. Easy to hold and slip inside your sling bag if you are a woman.

Well, I can keep writing about travel essentials but I guess I will stop here. To get a complete list of travel accessories, click here.

If you highly recommend any product or brand, please leave a comment. Also, I would love to get recommendations on books – any book. Happy shopping!!